I remember stating how much I enjoy being liminal while in the midst of my roadtrip out to Seattle.

It’s been mentioned on the news, I’m told, that there’s a bedbug epidemic right now, but it certainly didn’t make me feel any better about having them myself. Don’t know where they came from: they don’t thrive on filth (and I keep a pretty tidy place), I had a donated bed, lots of visiting friends, and the apartment management was in and out of my apartment on several occasions as well. However they got in, they made the place impossible to sleep in (I had dumped the bed but they were in the carpet). Began staying with friends while I waited for the management to spray the apartment. And I waited. And waited. And it never happened. I did all the legal hoop-jumping, and thanks to major help from a couple of friends, got all of my stuff out in 3 days and quit the premises. The management has been awful during this whole mess, being completely unhelpful and actually verbally antagonistic at points. My stuff is spread across the city (which is kind of a blessing, actually, as it’s due to so many people being so gracious in helping me through this), I’m on buses getting to and from places at least two hours a day, and mucking through CraigsList to find roommates has been tiring (lots of potentially cool people and places, but they’re also getting a lot of feedback, and my heart gets a bit broken at times).

Why I am telling you all this? Well, although I update Twitter frequently, I haven’t been very vocal about the specifics or about asking for help. And someone dear to me got a bit upset at me for not stating my needs. So, dear hearts, here it is: I need help right now. If you know anyone looking for a roommate in Seattle Proper, please let me know. If I can crash on your couch one night, let me know. I really do appreciate it. It’s exhausting to not have a home base, and while I have the means to support myself and move into a place when it’s found, any help in dealing with this situation would really be nice.

Despite (because?) of this, I’m still keeping really busy. Doing Parkour (christ it’s cold), doing lights at the studio, learning Java, H+ on Friday, new books, a class on Sunday, visiting friends, and going to Indiana for giftmas. My computer has a name, I’m geeked out about social networking, and I can blame a certain individual for my calm state of mind and general toe-wiggling. Oh, there’s also the regular job (survived the office party) and the seeing people what I care about.

In parting, you should all watch this because it’s amazing:

And now… now I think a hot shower and making cookies from scratch is in order.