Berlin and Vienna

Oh man, having so much fun in Berlin and Vienna.

Gave a talk at 28c3. (also love these two talks.)

Was on the Queer Geeks panel.

Wrote about Metalab.

Found out that Vittana ad from my last post has been airing on Hulu and such. That’s kinda weird.

Seriously big things afoot with GWOB. Kind of terrified about that. But excited. It’s really hard to contribute to the field of humanitarian response without also further complicating things.

Adoring being around my postgeographic tribe for so long. Almost teared up when I overheard Skytee at the bar say I was part of the Tribe here. Also so much time with Dan, Rubin, Fin, Meredith, Jimmie, Fabienne, Astera, Stephan, M@, etc. Getting to know Arthur and Isis and Miloh. So so so spoiled. But I miss my Seattle. I miss robot hands and hair dye parties and dinosaur truck adventures.

Able to type with both hands again. The scar is healing up. 1 plate, 3 screws on each side, and 1 extra screw holding my bone to itself. But physical therapy is going well. So that’s… cool.

Learning python, working with wireshark, learned about GPG, doing my German lessons. I am excited about my brain being full up of things.

And here is a video I cannot stop watching / song I can’t quit listening to:

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