What Response Can Learn from Co-Ops

I had an amazing chat with Emily M Lippold Cheney after meeting serendipitously at a Libre Fest in Cambridge. She agreed to do a GWOBcast on the overlap of digital response and the history of cooperatives. It reminded me a bit about the Brainmeats Lisha and I did awhile ago on The Culture of Eviction.


  • ACDI-VOCA: Coops in Crisis Response Paper (.pdf): This is an international cooperative development org largely funded by USAID, so it uses a democratic model within an not-so-democratic development industry.
  • Isla Vista Community Network: This is the group that just started meeting together in an unincorporated area and, by sheer persistence and existence, started being seen as a representative body that had some authority. Recently, through the work of this network and some of its members, the community was able to save some buildings from being demolished by the County and have the turned into (much needed) community centers. The IVCN is going to be meeting and taking the lead on deciding the how/who of using the buildings.


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