So some Whitechapel kids are in town for Emerald City ComiCon. Z, Ted C, Ted B, Roo, and her friend Josh are all here, with a Chris Sick on the way. They, Baron, and myself traipsed about the city last night, had dinner at Serious Pie, hit up the SciFi museum, and then found Starfish Studios to visit with friends and look at pretty, pretty things. On the way there they were shown Seattle Metro in all its glory… including two very drunk men who commented on Z’s hard exterior and my hair. I’m such a good hostess, showing all aspects of the city. I even showed them what I term the “Bacon Building.” I will show it to you, for no description will do it justice.
Tonight I’m cooking dinner for everyone and then we’re hitting Six Arms. Then Saturday is COMICS (yeeeee!) and signing and stinky geeks and panels and such.

It’s so neat to meet people who I’ve known online for a… year and more now. I got some of my best friends on the Internet. So cheers to you, amalgamation of tubes. You’re the best.