A break, and To-Do

So as many of you know, I’ve been going all-out for longer than is really good for my sanity.

Today I talked to my parents, and asked them if I could take second summer session off. After much debate, they said I could. The reason I even have to ask them is because they 1. pay for all of my school and 2. all of my living expenses. This situation is dependent on me doing (or not doing) 5 things: being in school full time; working under 20 hours a week; not going into debt; not getting any tattoos until I’m out of school; and not being in “compromising” pictures. So taking time off would actually cost me more money than it would to stay in school. But, we struck a compromise today. “Mom, I’m going to burn out and snap and drop this class anyway if I even attempt it.” “Let me talk to Dad… (4 hours later) …We think you’re doing great, and you wouldn’t ask for a break if you didn’t need one.”

The list of Things to Accomplish while I have this break from school has already grown beyond what I thought it would be. I now have a little over 7 weeks to complete the following:

  • Resume and Letters of Recommendation for Club Management job in Seattle
  • Resume and Letters of Recommendation for Law Firm job in Seattle
  • Saving -undisclosed- amounts of money for the move
    • working more at the Spoon
    • transcribing more
    • getting another job
    • getting a decent wig
  • pursuing my sewing ideas so I’ll have good clothes when I move
  • tag and shoot the cat (I mean tag her with an RFID and rabis shot so she can go outside)
  • study for the LSAT and maybe take it
  • trim down my belongings so I can fit what I want into my car
  • spending time with the people I care about before I go
  • Axis for June, July, August (and beyond!)
  • Chicago in July
  • Montana in August

All things considered, the list isn’t bad at all. I can do that. Except now I’m actually motivated instead of filled with dread.

I keep reminding myself that this is a break, and that I should act accordingly at least to some extent. I love this lifestyle, I just have to keep reminding myself of that.