on Pink Godzillas, Orange Chicken, and feeling welcome

Last night I double booked myself.

This is nothing new to me. Despite having a smart phone and programming .every.last.thing. into it, I get my timing incorrect fairly often. I think something will take 2 hours instead of 3 or 4, etc. Usually I look sheepish, make my apologies, and bow out of whatever situation I’m in.

Last night, I went to the International District with Tacopunch, Nim, and two of Tacopunch’s friends. We checked out old video games, Japanese horror movies, and contemplated bubble tea. We then decided on a place for dinner. As we were sitting down to eat, I realized I was meant to be visiting a different friend in a matter of minutes. Folding my menu, I said the usual Fail at Life, please excuse me, I’m sorry (which I truly was), and went to get up. They all looked at me. “We don’t want you to go,” said one. “You’re already with us. Why leave? Who the hell is this friend?” said another. “Make him come here,” was the final comment. We all ended up sharing milkshakes, stories of eels and coding and road trip exploits. A grand evening, and I felt totally welcomed.

Tonight I cook curry chicken for dear friends. Hooray!