all things Apparent

Zombie Prom is October 30th. I have Halloween parties the weekend before (starting Thursday) through ’til Wednesday evening. I had intended on being The Borg Queen for most of the parties, but I really don’t think I have time to pull it off. Sure, I have time to do the costume (hah, not really) but I certainly don’t have time to do all that make-up before each party. My other costume is still a go, but will only work actual Halloween night (as it involves other people). Arrrg. Teh Angst!

Went up to Indy last night with Chris and a new friend, Preston. He talks like Cary Grant and works in labs. It was a great time, I can’t recommend Mutiny enough.

But apparently when I drive, it’s like this:

I’m slightly ashamed (but also amused) that it’s pretty true. Heee.


Maybe it’s the pot of coffee, maybe it really is that funny, but I’ve been giggling like a maniac for 5 minutes straight.

Credit to Chris for brightening my day. Well, he does that without intratube linkage, but it helps.