2021 in Review

This will be my seventh year in a row doing these, so you can also read about the years since 2015 if so desired. They are inspired by Tilde, who has taught me that it can be a Good Thing to remember what the last year has been like. Many of the headers in this post are based on my goals for 2021.

The phrase for this year was restabilize, as I needed to ground myself after 2020. Also, I never really came to terms with switching life course from a jet setting consultant of crisis response into a more stable life 4 years ago. I think I did a swimming job of finally accepting this new life this year.

2021 according to Life Cycle

This is by all means the year I “settled down,” which people used to tell me I would want to do at some point, and I would consistently tell them to fuck right off. I don’t think everyone who moves fast will inevitably slow down, but I sure did.

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02:30 rides

Highways usually clogged with traffic, mine alone at 2:30a.

A persistent but mild exact 12 MPH over the speed limit. My beloved city as quiet as my brain is forced to be at such speeds. For to not be perfect in every moment would be to invite death. Every moment different but no less perfect, just as the sky when we bother to look up. Breathing, weight, trottle are all that matter, passing thoughts as trivial as some taxi I passed by miles back, lights on, someone reading a novel in the back. Body and mind independently of no concern at all, but that perfect liminal point where they are the same thing all that matters.