the victim

the smiling victimWe discover the victim in a mediocre Thai food joint.

Could the removed picture be of our victim? Did “they” not want us to know who he was, to never know if his existence?

Is this a meta-murder, not only of the person, but also of all the stories which comprised his identity in society?

Cause of death: a plastic fork to the forehead. We assume from the angle of the strike that the killer is right-handed. We also assume the killer either had personal motives or really, really hated soy-centric thai food. The victim: still smiling. Was this someone he knew? Someone that he trusted? He was still warm when we found him.

The Mystery is Discovered

frontier psychiatry

I’ve been awake since stupid early. We’re about to start the drive to San Francisco, via Santa Monica. I hate mornings.

However, yesterday we found our first clue:
Someone has removed a picture from a wall of pictures at the Big Boy! This always means adventure is afoot!

“But what does that mean?!” Shannon asks.

Only time will tell…