So let’s see.

The past couple few days have included, but not been limited to:
crying on centaur jesus (he needs your tears to become a unicorn when I grow up); ordering burritos (but getting them to go); having my head straight razored; kissing a third eye; getting called out; boxes of Baccuus; gay future shirts; bunny glitter and hate (wear gloves, don’t put it in your mouth, don’t roll around in it); new ergonomics for playing StarCraft; leaving my own party; honey (and other presents!); Guitar Hero (the notes in the song actually correlate to the controller!); not a lot of drinking (but a glass that tasted like grape juice); rangoooooooooon

And packing, working, and some actual loving.

I think Saul Williams put it best when he said “mother fuckers better realize / now is the time to self-actualize”
I think Libby put it best for me when she said “why not a self-de(con)structive binge?”