In honor of my spelling error earlier today, along with the upcoming Single’s Awareness Day, I ask you to share the funniest gift that was a TERRIBLE idea, either supposed or real.

I think this one is actually pretty neat, brought to you by this site, as referenced to me by Matt:

I would totally buy this for Libby

And the conversation between Luke and myself:
me: only i can’t spell
error-based or sexual?
good lord
i do need to work on my root-word vocabulary
Luke: errorgenous is fantastic, I’m devoting part of my brain to finding a use for that word
Hell, you could get a blog out of that word
“Thigns people think are hot/sexy but aren’t”
updated with headlines, crappy romantic gifts, and idiot stories from around the world!
You buy your girlfriend something that’s obviously for yourself, and you have entered – The
Errorgenous Zone
me: reminds me of the Venn Diagram my friend Matt and I did
(we do these things at events as we both have social anxiety and it keeps us stable and
Club Nights, Win, and You’re Doing it Wrong
Win and You’re Doing it Wrong had “wardrobe malfunctions”