all things Apparent

Zombie Prom is October 30th. I have Halloween parties the weekend before (starting Thursday) through ’til Wednesday evening. I had intended on being The Borg Queen for most of the parties, but I really don’t think I have time to pull it off. Sure, I have time to do the costume (hah, not really) but I certainly don’t have time to do all that make-up before each party. My other costume is still a go, but will only work actual Halloween night (as it involves other people). Arrrg. Teh Angst!

Went up to Indy last night with Chris and a new friend, Preston. He talks like Cary Grant and works in labs. It was a great time, I can’t recommend Mutiny enough.

But apparently when I drive, it’s like this:

I’m slightly ashamed (but also amused) that it’s pretty true. Heee.

cryptic post

All this time I’ve been telling people the Zombie Prom fundraising is for Harmony House. Admittedly it’s actually for Middleway house, and it’s connected to the Harmony School, but it’s still funny. Especially considering the group Halloween effort.
Speaking of, I think when we’re all dressed up on Halloween we should go up to Mutiny. Who’s with me?