So I went to Seattle and that totally rocked.
It was so good to see my brother again. We picked on each other, and drank coffee and wine and geeked out.
We got some work clothes for me since I’ll be starting work for my Dad tomorrow.
We drank a 30 year old, $110 bottle of wine with dinner and it is probably the best wine I will EVER have. Oh god. So good.
Ate 3 square meals a day, and that was awesome.
Hiked to Shi-Shi beach, saw a tidal pool with cool stuff in it and brought back some rocks.
Went to the bunny feild, which was totally awesome. It’s an area in this park where people apparently released their rabbits when they didn’t want them anymore and they bred. Only because people kept leaving them food, they’re now so fearless they’ll eat right out of your hand. It was amazing.
I was on planes way too much.
I have vertigo now, and forgot my medicine so I just kind of have to deal.
I miss Corey like whoa. We need the money and I need the experience, but still…

I’ll be in Logansport Mondays through Thusdays EXCEPT for when I’m in Montana
I’m in Montana July 1-17
And I’ll be in Bloomington, not Logansport July 23-27.

Just call me, I guess.

And Madison leaves in a few days. Poo.

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  1. Cheers to the wine. I’m jealous.
    As regards the rest of things, perhaps a bit less jealous. It sucks that you’re hardly ever going to be around.
    Good luck!

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