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So school, I think, is going to be good. As is the job.
Last night was fantastic.

And I found something that really strikes me… not as funny, really, but… yeah.
Madison and Corey will know what I mean, I think. Maybe a few more of you as well.

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  1. understanding

    I for one can relate like hell. Literally, like hell. My Very Own Personal Demons ™ carry insecurity pitchforks and drive me on with prods labelled “Work Harder!” and “Work Smarter!.” While working for UITS, I was one of Hell’s firefighters, armed with a spritzer bottle that kept melting in my hands. And yet I became a hypercapable person, even under terrible conditions with hostile peers; and I let the demons teach me to fly and breathe fire and ice. And so I moved up the ranks of hell. I will not allow myself to become further demonized; I ended up crying out for an evacuation airlift and it came, eventually, and in an unexpected form (my kingdom for a Pund!); but not before I used the tears of myself and others to put out the fires around me.

    I’m tempted to say more, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions; the outbound traffic rides a road paved with understanding and right relation.

    Sorry if this comment seemed to be about me; but I think we may come from similar backgrounds in our heads, so I hoped it would help. Keep laughing, tiger, and tell Corey hello from me.

    • Re: understanding

      I work for UITS too! well, kind of. STConsulting.

      I don’t feel so much incablable… it’s more of a fear I’ve always had that I’m FOUND OUT to be dumb. I don’t actually feel that way (at least not most of the time.)

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