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Tomorrow morning Jeremy and I take the 10 hour drive to go camping with no showers for 3 wonderful nights. Emily, my good friend that I can’t remember not knowing (K-12, anyone?) is getting married. Jim, her soon to be husband is just as awesome as she is, which is to say – pretty fucking Awesome. Instead of getting all fru-frued up, they have made it nearly impossible to attend their event (10 hour drive – car ferry – short drive – people ferry – .25 mile hike carrying your shit). I have decided this is the best way to go about this. Which is not to say I’ll put you all through it. When the time comes. *cough* what?

Friday morning we shall meet up with more old friends – Rain and Adam, who just returned from Scotland and have yet to present me with a dull moment. Matt will join us, and Saturday we will make the trek back to Bloomington in time to tie the ribbon on our packet of exhaustion by dancing like fiends at Axis. Belly dancing and fire poi and enough hot boys and girls to cause the proverbial blowing of a proverbial… KITTEN. yes. A kitten. Blown to smithereens.

Libby proves she is a machine with one hell of a sexy ghost (the sexiness of the machine is a given) with the latest photoshoot.

Also, V has a website. I knew, I just forgot to link everyone. It is full of tentacles and other such goodness.

And…. I love it when tests are a relief to take, and not a stresser point. I don’t know if anyone will know what I’m talking about. But. Then you know how you’re doing, yeah?

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