tomorrow is great!

So today was fun. Ish.

Tomorrow after my 9a exam Justin is driving up from Evansville to get me. This means many things:
1. I get laid. Again. I love sex. I’m sorry guys… but I do. It’s so wonderful.
2. I get to go dancing. Dance all night long in Louisville.
3. I get to try something new at the club. The club is Club X. You figure it out. I’m really looking forward to it. Should be fun times.

I just get to relax for a few days. This is so cool.

One thought on “tomorrow is great!

  1. Have fun 😉 I get to see my boyfriend Kenny[] this weekend too, I can’t wait… XD I haven’t seen him in like a month, eep!

    Clubbing is fun, hope you enjoy yourself….

    Heh, x?

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