I’m Willow Brugh. My friends call me “bloo,” and it just kind of stuck. Some people even call me “Wil.” On the internet, I’m willowbl00 (with two zeros).
Mom took this!

Most of my work is at the overlap of humanitarian/disaster response and technology. I believe that affected communities are always the first responders, and by listening we increase equality, justice, and surge capacity.

I’ve been known to rant about hackathons, network effects, distributed response, multimodal communication, and encryption.

I also draw stick figures over at bl00viz.

Ways to be ambiently aware of me, if direct action is not needed.

+ Linked In : Vizualize.me
+ This blog
+ You can also find the things I do for work listed to the left.

Need some time? Book time to chat. Absolutely need to send me an email? Know that response will be slow, but my username at gmail will get through.

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