one two three… DON’T

Becky went down to E-Ville for the weekend so I caught a lift. Had a lot of alone time with Justin, which rocked. I’m really liking him. Damn boy. Last night ended up going to Louisville for a failed warehouse rave and a kickin’ after party. Rolled, but not balls. This morning I reeked of raver: sweat, hair glue, and Vick’s.
Haven’t smoked in awhile. I’m doing better in some areas.
Money is a problem. Can’t wait to get home to the kinds of stress I can deal with.

Justin is really good to me. He takes care of me a lot, and it makes me realize how much I need to get my act together sometimes. I’m a spoiled brat. Need to work on that. He’s really good though. Cooks for me. Makes sure I’m always comfortable.

Brian is being the typical ex-boyfriend asshole. Wants me to still be in love with him, which I’m not. If he keeps making it so easy to hurt him, I might just do it.

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