I do not like conflict.
Well… I do, but more because I love resolving it so much.
Which is why it makes me sad that friends are fighting so far away that I can’t help.

The car loan… I have to have a co-signer, and my parents won’t. Guess I’m taking a bus. Damnit. I needed that car.

The boyfriend doesn’t seem to understand why he upsets me. It doesn’t OCCUR to him, while talking to one of our mutual friends, that he should probably ASK ME when discussing whether or not I want to visit with said mutual friend. Not assume that things will work out, we’ll end up spending a happy day together, and not want to visit a really cool guy I haven’t seen in weeks.
Or that I’ll believe his words when I know he lies.
Or put up with his baby-shit anymore. I barely did in the first place, why would I now?

And now that I’m on a rant… In my family… if there is something wrong with you, you deal with it. You don’t use real or supposed mental illness as a crutch. You fucking adapt and live. Is this impossible?

7 thoughts on “..conflict..

  1. Well i wish i could help you with the co signer…I would if i could but i know that my name isn’t going to get me shit. by the way what kind of car was it. As for the boyfriend deal? man i don’t know slap him call him bitch and say wouldn’t you like a pickle? if he dosen’t find that to be just completely funny while you are holding a mop and totally smiling, then i feel there is no fucking hope for the poor boy. Who the hell is it anyway? Oh and you totally need to get ahold of me sometime soon cause i have something to tell you…..=)

    hope things get better homes….i am here if you wanna chat.


  2. Things will get better, Willow. I always just try to remember that enduring things even as they get worse means that when they do get better, it will be that much sweeter.

    Also, from what I know, things with friends here have gotten much better, so do’t worry too much about that…

    As for that last paragraph about adapting and living, I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is difficult, but not in any way impossible.

    I hope you are having a good day.


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