sleepy time!

I get to sleep.

The past… 4 days I have only been able to sleep an hour at a time, due to work, phone calls, and friends.

And now… I can sleep. 8 hours. 12 hours. Hell, 24 if I want. I’m not answering the phone unless I want to. I’m closing the blinds. I’m putting GYBE on repeat, and I’m surrending my being to the Dream Lands.

I’m so excited about this it might be difficult to get to sleep.

2 thoughts on “sleepy time!

  1. :):)

    one more month til i get to see my precious precious Willow..

    yum yum, youre gonna sleep with me..Michael can sleep on the couch. Peh…

    (mike just gave me this “look”. I hae that look. he doesnt know how to take a joke…men, sailors. things with pee pees that are dangly. if they could take a joke the world would end and all women would be satified. poo. hes annoying.

    imma sleep with you wherever u sleep my darling. let him sleep whereever in the room. i will snuggle with mah Willow and make crazy babies with her. Hah!

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