Some lady told me I looked like Trinity from The Matrix today. One of my co-workers confirmed it. Now I feel weird. Like I have to live up to something.

Two weird things happened today:
A lady had a cart FULL of sugar-free stuff. Sugar free jello, sugar free soda, etc etc etc.
What was at the bottom of her cart?
a pound of sugar.

Cue confusion.

Another guy almost forgot his cell phone in the cart.
Me: “Don’t forget your cell phone, someone important might call. Like the Queen of England. Wouldn’t that be cool? If I was the Queen of England, I would call random people all the time, and if they hung up on me when I told them who I was, I would have them arrested for disrespecting me. That would rock.”
Customer: blink.

2 thoughts on “Trinity?

  1. audrey says:

    the queen of england! 😀 i love you, call me sometime wed.. i have stuff to tell you. but i’m chock full of working and other shiiiiiz to do until then. love you!

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