psst… hey kid!… you like muffins?

Found places to get a car, but no car yet.

Maybe the Honda. I dunno.

Poor Corey had to listen to me work last night for about an hour… poo on weird rushes. That’s ok though. Much love.

A tanker full of… MILK went through today. Weird.

On the way home I stopped at the doughnut shop. They’ve been closed because the old crazy guy that runs it needed a vacation and he won’t let anyone else make the doughnuts because the recipie is TOP SECRET. So the town has to suffer so he can relax for a few days.
I walked in. He started rambling about how the IRS doesn’t have to do audits and stuff. Looked at me as if expecting me to join in the debate. I said “I just want a doughnut.” He looked disappointed.
It was fresh out of the deep-frier and the icing was all melty. Mmm unhealthiness.
He may be crazy but he sure can make a good doughnut.

5 thoughts on “psst… hey kid!… you like muffins?

  1. The next item up for bid is… A NEW CAR!!

    OK, heres the beef on cars. Get one at an auction. I just got a ’95 Ford Taurus thats in awesome condition for under $1000. People can’t pay their bank payments so the bank forclosed on their cars. Then they get auctioned off dirt cheap. And get an AMERICAN made car. Foreign crap may last a bit longer, but all the parts break down at once. And you can’t work on foreign cars at all, you always have to take them to a shop because you need special tools to even change the oil. And did I mention that for every American car bought, 14 American families get to eat? Don’t ship our manufacturing jobs overseas, or that 40 year old guy with a wife, 2 kids, and no College will be flipping burgers for the rest of his life.

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