The other night was fun. I needed that.

Quitting one job, but not sure which. Get the same pay and number of hours at both. Like the pace at Martin’s, but like the responsibility at the gas station. Hm. Like the fact that I don’t get hit on all the time at Martin’s. Love that I can listen to my own music at the gas station. Damnit.

Named the MD Player Malaki. Ki for short.

May be able to move sooner. Hope hope hope.

Love me and send me Frankenberry. Please.

5 thoughts on “update

  1. smile

    You will be ok. Ya can only burn the candle at both ends for so long. They say u will get all the sleep you need when your dead but what do they know. ahh the infamous they also known as the man and the everybody (everybody else is doing it ext.). Crystal is getting you your cereal 🙂 . And don’t worry I’ll make up for the getting hit on that I know you will miss so much lol. Hey are those space pants your wearing….

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