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      • hmm… hypothetically speaking If you were to find a large sum of cash and pictures off the white house. And a custom 308 with disposable plastic silencer. O never mind. Bush is awesome. (I’m probably getting red flagged as we …speak, I wish they would have red flagged saddam or bin when they were our friends) He says the conflict in Iraq is over, that we are a peace keeping force. Why are people still dying if theres no conflict? I feel strange today. Fuck you Bush, I guess I’m just like everyone else, I hate my boss. Later

        • i really hate that our boys over there (i love our troops, but fear my president) aren’t even getting combat pay anymore..

  1. Life aint easy for a boy named Sue…

    Heres to a reminder that we are all human. Even legends die with time. I tried to wear a cowboy hat to work today, but they wouldn’t let me.

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