a pedaphile’s dream

Hung out with my bro yesterday. Took pictures. I’ll post them later maybe ish. Then I hung out with Audrey and Courtney. Did the usual stuff. Butchered brownies out of a box (don’t ask). Audrey will have pictures later, I am sure.

Woke up at 1p today… unsure of how I ended up in my own home, but rock on.
Went to Martin’s. Quit. I’m staying at the gas station because the managers at Martin’s suck, and I don’t want to deal with it. (Sorry Audrey. I’m still pushing for you for when I leave in a month).

Then I sat down and recorded music at my aunt’s house. For 5 hours. Too absorbed to realize I hadn’t yet eaten. Recorded 13 5 hour minidisks. That leaves me with 80+ total, 20 with about 5 hours. Yes! Ha ha! Music music music.

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