Paloma, the Cirque, and family

Went to St Louis to see family. My sister and her boyfriend Gonzalo mainly. They rock! I love my sister very much, and am happy that she and Gonzalo are so happy together. Yay!

We went to see Cirque du Soliel. Gonzalo is one of the main clowns in it. Not the red-nosed dumb scary clowns. The European acting, hilarious clown. So good. It was… amazing. Such talent. Went back stage afterward. That was very cool, to see how it all comes together. So much respect for the stage manager.
Got all cybered out for it. Fun times. I’ll post pictures once I get them from my camera-attatched-to-face brother. First time I did the hair thing… and the people in Cirque were in awe. Congrats kids in VA, I gave you props. Ha ha.

Bought my sister and Gonzalo’s car, Paloma. ’91 Honda Accord. Ah the sweet bliss of a mode of transportation. Yay.

Went to the Carbaret for Cirque and the Lion King. Sort of like an aftr party, only a hell of a lot bigger and cooler. In the most amazing club I’ve ever been in. Rock.

And the middle aged Chinese lady (interpreter for the people in the Circus) singing “My Heart will go On” just about topped everything.

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