expressing the last day

so today was my last day at Martin’s.

so I wore the hair. (see picture page)

lots of old people coming up to me saying “what did you do to your hair?!”
“it’s just foam. wanna feel?”

the best part was a little girl running up, staring blatently at me, and then looking up at her mom. “can i be like her when i grow up?”

Was chatting with a co-worker about how much money we could get for parts of our body on the black market, upping each other each time. Because he is… a good size larger than I am, he kept claiming he would get more money. Then I said that since I was a girl I could just pump out babies and sell them. The customer currently in the line looked at me and said something to the effect of “you shouldn’t talk about that around other people. that’s highly illegal.” I explained to her that I was joking. She said that child services wouldn’t think it was funny.
Do some people have NO sense of humor?

7 thoughts on “expressing the last day

  1. audrey says

    if you ever work in fast food, you will realize that in fact, people do NOT have a sense of humor. however, i think its funny that you could sell your babies, and its not illegal, its adoption for a fee. duh. 😛 don’t forget, hard knees and being allergic to sunlight. 😛 *hugs* i’ll probably see you in a bit. *waves* bye bye.

    • Re: audrey says

      I’m sorry, I just got home and was stricken by tiredness.

      Then I had a dream that it was your last night in town and you didn’t want to tell people because they would be sad, and then I was an idiot for not coming out to play.

      I think it’s a sign from God that we should hang out sometime soon.

      • Re: audrey says

        yes indeed. let us hang out. be free. and not wear unda-wears! wait.. i mean… dude. i’m never leaving logansport, you know this black hole of a town has me tied down. blah. oh well.. <3 talk to you soon. my cell phone works again, call anytime. come get sex at bk, i hear its on special. byebye

  2. automatic babies

    im sure their is a loop hole somewhere in the black market, and if you could find one, you could sell your (pardon my french) vigina to whoever and then it along with your uterus and other babie makin stuff could be hooked up to life support, and artificially inseminated so it just spits out baby after baby, you could put the youngins up for adoption or sell them on the black market and get a much prettier penny for them. so the end result would be a money belching vagina. aahhh life, humanity, isnt it so wonderful. considering this sort of thing is my experties, i thought i throw my thoughts with yours, in hopes of helping poverty stricken countries. arent i so nice 🙂 buh byeeeee to all a merry Xmas and a happy HALLOWEEEEEEEN!!!!!!

  3. NO!!!

    Working in customer service you should know by now that most people do not have a sense of humor. It should have also been in the disclaimer on you job application. I wonder Being that you currently have no children and your not pumping out kids for the black market…right? What the hell can child services do to you? Arrest you? I can see it now.
    (them) COME HERE, you have the right to remain silent, if you….
    (you) officer what did I do?
    (them) You made a joke with people on your line.
    What do you think this isa free country or something.

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