sweet mother of god

i hate the christmas season. i hate how commercial it has become.

i’ve also decided that everywhere but small grocery stores and gas stations should be closed on sundays. not for religious reasons, but so everyone can have a day off and be forced to spend it with those close to them. our dignity has been usurped.
if i can even spell.

MSI rocked.

i miss everyone in Indiana, but I do love it here.. getting more and more comfortable.

and now… off to work!

5 thoughts on “sweet mother of god

  1. I agree somewhat. People like me on rotating schedules sometimes can only get things done on Sundays.

    Mommy Mommy I want the new x. When Mommy can’t give her little bundle of greed that new x they both cry.

    Xmas is a forced holiday. I would like it more if the people who think they have to buy me gifts on a certain day would either not give me anything or wait till the day after xmas to at least get a good deal on whatever they wanted to give me. However I do like the idea of christmas as it is seen through a child’s eye. later.

  2. did you take kizer’s chair to Va?

    i love you and it rocks you are adjusting well. i agree with the sunday party. my dad gets sundays off.. but his happiness has more to do with football than religion… i miss you and hope get a lot of x for christmas, my beloved little bundle of greed.
    smile, have fun, and i hope to see you soon.


    • Re: did you take kizer’s chair to Va?

      you hope i get a lot of x for christmas? are you hoping i go back to drugs? jen, you dirty ho. i miss youuuu!

      i got bitten by a brown recluse and i have to go to the hospital tomorrow, but right now i am getting drunk to forget the pain. they’re not so poisoness here. i can’t even fucking spell. much love.

      kizer’s chair wouldn’t fit, so we’re picking it up when we visit.

        • Re: did you take kizer’s chair to Va?

          you know those really evil, poisones spiders? Well anyway, it was that it was something else.
          Probably in February… ish.

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