Fire Pixie

I’m so excited about Halloween here. I mean really really, pee my pants, excited. Everyone gets so much more into it here than in Indiana. I’ve been helping people from work with their costumes, and I’m probably going to be helping people here at home as well.
My costume is coming along quite well.
My parents come to visit on Saturday for a couple days. I’m also psyced up for that.
My kitten is growing into a fat cat. Can’t have that. Have to get her an exercise mat.

So I’ve been playing entirely too much of The Sims: Bustin’ Out lately. And I had to get married and have a kid (in the game). So I did. And then my sim went to work. And my baby was taken away and my husband caught fire and died. All within ten minutes.
But I got a sweet car. So it’s ok.

That’s the update.

11 thoughts on “Fire Pixie

  1. Hey, what are you going to be for Halloween? My mom’s making me a neat old-timey school marm outfit [because it’s a bit complicated for me and I’m too busy to make it myself]. When is your paryt again? I want to make sure I can be there…I’ve got so many things going on thism onth, Dieselboy on the 15th, The Faint on the 18th, Razed in Black [Pam’s house is going to be the green room for the band before and after the concert] and Skinny Puppy on Halloween, whew. Sorry for the rant…I miss you guys.


    • We miss you too! Party’s on the 29th. If you come early, we can actually hang out some and stuff.
      I’m going to be a fire pixie. The costume is slowly getting done. But it’s good. I like it.

      • Awesome. That reminds me of a series of pastel drawins I did a few years ago called Elemental Faeries…The fire one was pretty. Can’t wait to see your costume…What is Corey being? Also, I’m tryinf hard to get Pam to come, just have to figure out when she works.


  2. hehe

    hey sweet willow. how goes it?
    get your kitty a treadmill… its the only way.. and dangle a little catnip in front of it.. all shall be well.. 😛
    ps. in the sims we used to take the people and trap them in a room with no doors and put like 2 ovens and let them catch themselves on fire, or you can put a pool in and take away the ladder and they’ll drown. i think that if you think of clever ways to kill people in that game it makes you weird. therefore. i am weird.
    i have to go to a wedding in a week and dress nice and wear girl shoes. outlook not good.
    see you in a month or so.
    <3 aud

    • yes, it has.

      i work a lot in the evenings, but we definately need to hang out before the move. i’ll talk to corey about it.

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