sidewalk spots

So school is definately rockin’.


Working from 5p to 12:30a, going home, studying, going to sleep at 2:15a, waking up at 6:30 to get on the 40 minute bus ride to get to class by 8, having class/working out until 4:30, and then going home to clean or work again is not quite so rockin.

Standing at the bus stop this morning, it was snowing again.
They had sprinkled the sidewalk with random bits of salt.
Leaving it looking more like a dalmation than a cleared sidewalk.

It’s definately the little things in life.

Corey has started calling Sorority Girls “Fat”. It has been the highlight of my day.
I’m quite tempted to do it at work, but of course that won’t work.

Remind me never to take an 8a class again in my life. I hate falling asleep in class… it’s so… disrespectful.

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