stolen from Jen

If you read this, even if i don’t speak to you often, please post a memory of me.

It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal. See what people remember about you…

21 thoughts on “stolen from Jen

  1. At the Wave after the Mindless show when we realized we were wearing the same seat-belt-belt and were all “Wonder Twin Powers Activate” as we linked them together…

  2. Um… the first time that I met you and gave you a big hug.
    Halo Night.
    Playing… nae, losing miserably to you at Tetris.
    Letting you take my car.
    Crying when you guys left… :\

    I’ve got thousands of ’em.

  3. umm…losts of kicking my ass at tetris and I actually broke a sega genesis at a wacky time in my life…So that was an ass kicking…
    you kissing dawn and not me;(
    I am trying to get pics off my camera but they won’t load on my worthless Microsoft machine…maybe one day Jon will fix it for me…
    Miss you guys and hate that you are meeting cool hair people out there…One day you may understand the way of the shrinkable plastic…but I was the ORIGINAL…

  4. endless love

    where do i start dear?
    freshman year we had english together and i fell in love with you. i was intimidated by your intelligence but turned on by your lovingness, hottness, and complete acceptance of life and people.
    beyond this parties at the leemans, parties at your house, comics, fun clothes, good jokes, and this xmas eve was a ridiculously fond memory.

    good times.

  5. We passed eachother on a flight of stairs and I didn’t like you at first. How’s that for an awesome memory?! Haha. The trip to Ann Arbor when I first met Seamus and we went to the film festival. That was an awesome time and the start of the first notebook.

  6. well there are a lot of memories… but i think the funniest one was the butter monkey… you me and audrey smoked the bad stuff and then you two wanted brownies. you decide to cook and next thing i know you have a handful of butter. the butter in the pan was so think you drew a stick figure monkey. it doesn’t sound that funny now that i’m sober. but it was! oh, or what about the time we were all drunnk and stoned and i had the brilliant idea to pick corn…

    (audrey pulls over by the cornfield)
    courtney- “what are we doin again?”
    audrey- “pickin corn”
    courtney- “oh yeah” (corn picking commences)
    (directly after)
    willow- “what did we just do?”
    audrey- “we just picked corn. god, you guys are fucked up”

    i don’t even remember what we did after that but i know i had some of that corn sittin on top of my fridge for a long time…

  7. darn c for getting here first. i have many many memories, that one is at the top, but the strip dr. mario, the drive home from bobby’s while you and c sat in the back of the jeep and made out the whole way home while i sat jealously in the front forced to drive ;), the parties, the movies, the hugs and you being a rockin good friend. <3

  8. Browsing, Post-Second Story

    Well, I just met you, so the options for memories are fairly limited. I suppose I’m going to go for discussing the merits of AA batteries and replacement power supplies in plastic guns. It’s not often I run across someone who would even consider attempting to replace the batteries in a largely disposable toy. Cheers!

  9. That time I came over to the house… it was just me and you. I was showing you the clothing n stuff I’d gotten at the thrift store, and some pants n stuff. Wow, that was around the christmas before last. Seems so long ago.

    But… yeah, I felt at ease and it’s just a very pleasant memory of you just… spending a nice little bit of quality time with the Willow.

    I love you.
    And I miss you, a lot.



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