“you can’t fire me, you asshole… I RESIGN!”

Midterm grades: A+ in Psych (100.5%); A’s in Diversity and Sociology; a B in Comp (because I slacked and hate the class).
Break is almost done. I’ve worked every day but one, which we went up to Logansport for.
We just hung out at home, hooked up Grandma’s DVD and VCR players so she doesn’t have to press any buttons, ate hot dogs and ice cream, ran errands for mom. Then Madison came over and I love her. Mom made pizza and we had a fire and I felt at peace.
Then we went to Audrey’s and watched Saw.

Oh my fucking god. That movie scared the shit out of me. I am still making concious efforts not to think about it. It’s like… jump-out-and-get-you movies I can handle. Psychological thrillers I have to watch with other people, but I still don’t mind them. Zombie movies I love. This one was not cool, because it was so good. Questions I had about the ending: Do you think Lawrence got to live? I mean… he learned the value of life. That was the killer’s intent each time. But then he could have bled to death, or the guy could have killed him on the way out (this latter doesn’t hold because the killer never ACTUALLLY killed anyone, he just put them in situations where they would kill themselves or someone else). What do you think? I don’t want to ruin it for you.
Then we went to Madison’s and watched I <3 Huckabee's. Great movie. Good enough to make me forget about Saw for at least the night.

Went to see Libby the next day, but unfortunately I had to cut out early. Had fabulous greek food, though. Also met her mom who seems to be just as bad as she was made out to be. Damn. Corey says her Dad is cool though.

My boss’s wife was talking to me about how she pretends that the Leprechan came to the house for St. Patrick’s Day for her kids. She leaves gold coins and green candies and the toilet water is green because the Leprechan used the bathroom, etc. After she told me about it, she looked crestfallen and said “I lie to my kids. Isn’t that horrible?” So I told her that Storytelling is completely different from Telling Lies. Stories are still true, but in another way. It seemed to cheer her up, and it made me happy to know that I still believe that.

Corey brought me flowers. Gee.

Spring seems to be here. *huge grins all around*

I love you Madison, come live with us.

That’s about it in general.

8 thoughts on ““you can’t fire me, you asshole… I RESIGN!”

  1. You’re coming to Virginia this up and coming weekend aren’t you? Bler… easter weekend?

    I wish I could be there 🙁



  2. Also met her mom who seems to be just as bad as she was made out to be. Damn.

    hahaha. Say it ain’t so.

    SO glad you came to see me! Chicken and stuff for you Sunday night if you’re not working!

  3. Word is you guys are planning on seeing Sin City with us while you are here… I hope so, we miss you guys so much… You guys rock like Fred Flinstone.

    • we are most assuredly attempting to go see it with you all… and i hear there is a group birthday party? perhaps i may be included as mine is the 17th of april and i won’t get one with you all otherwise.

  4. i’m sorry the movie scared you, darlin! we should have watched “dead dudes in the house” instead.. 😛 anyhoo. i can’t wait to see you all again. it was good times. and i can’t wait for you to meet brian… <3

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