“chicago sucks!” (5 minutes later) “chicago rocks!”

So we went to see NIN.

The drive was… interesting. About halfway to Chicago we decided to open all the windows in the car, and the directions to the hotel went sailing out the window. Hrm. Got there anyway.

Corey drooled over the architechture. (spelling?)

I’ve never seen so many angsty kids in my life.
I was expecting calm, music loving freaks. Instead… well…
According to Corey’s guidelines about 80% of the people needed to be punched. I threated to put a frat guy’s drunken girlfriend in a snuff film if he didn’t get her under control (she was sloshing cheap beer all over me and being a bitch in general). (Not to mention she was the only blonde there).

The Dolls rocked. So good.

And Trent… well… yeah. Let’s just say there was a change of under-roose due when we returned to the hotel.

It was a beautiful concert. Top of my list,

Dispite the PA fuck ups (20 mintues of waiting after the opening song, anyone?).
And I realize that people of Goth or simply Freak standing have to be defensive and even slightly hostile to get by in every day life… but this is a group of your peers. Be polite or I will punch you. No, Really, I Will.

I’m really just trying to make it seem like you all didn’t miss too much.
even though it was AWESOME

And I’m sure Corey will fill you in with all the gushy details of how wonderful it was, and I’ll leave that up to him.

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