field trip?

So as I was sitting upstairs, in the non-air-conditioned, insulated, hot-as-hell files room shredding bag after bag of old files while listening to J5 and Nick Drake, a thought occured to me.

And the thought was this:

I need to dance.

Like whoa.

So… I was thinking… even though it won’t be utterly fantastic or anything… there are Goth Nights up in Indy, right?

And then I thought…

Well if I’m going to go, it would be much more fun with friends.

And I ASSUME that you guys like to dance, too.

So does anyone want to take a field trip? I’ll drive. We might need more than my car though.

Just a thought.

Let me know.

I watched a movie at my Grandma’s house when I was wee. All I remember was that it was about ghosts. There was a scene where the ghost scares a lady in the shower by coming in behind her and she thinks it’s her boy-type. There’s another scene with a spinning bed. The only other scene I remember involves all the ghosts in the house/place coming out of the walls. Any ideas? Maybe?

8 thoughts on “field trip?

  1. YES!

    There is but the name escapes me. Do a google search b/c my acquintenance, DJ Copper Top is based out of there. She’s offered me a gig…must go!!!

    • Re: YES!

      Yes, you definately must come out here for a week or so!
      After, of course, Europe. I know the Midwest is no comparison.

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