quotes from the day

in court:
1: “Has the clocked stopped?”
2: “No, look, you can see it ticking”
3: “see it ticking?! Ok, who’s the English major?”
2: *blink*
3: “You hear ticking.”
2: “English isn’t an exact science, man.”

my mom, quoting a friend
“Not everything is art, but everything is art supplies

5 thoughts on “quotes from the day

  1. what movie? Good Bye Lenin is good. is that the movie? if so I’m more awesome than usual because today is a good hair day. yammer yammer yammer blah blah blah blippity boo bang huzzah. the end.

    and I think everything is art because everything was designed. be it practicality or asthetics … unless its a rock or tree … but then it could be photographed. damn straight.

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