what is your backpack?

I was asked by two seperate people on the street today what my backpack was. Odd.

5 details about me:
[x] I miss my brother like there is no tomorrow
[x] I’m extremely territorial, but try not to let it show
[x] I love music, but couldn’t play a note to save my life
[x] I had the most normal childhood of anyone I know/have met
[x] Yes, I do really find learning to be fun

5 details about my appearance right now:
[x] I have blue hair!
[x] I’m wearing all black (of course)
[x] The fingernails need re-painting
[x] I have that dazed look in my eye
[x] I never did figure out that whole make-up-thing

5 memorable things I did in the past year:
[x] I saw Neil Gaiman
[x] I visited Seattle and decided that it must be my home
[x] Saw NIN
[x] Got back into school
[x] Met Libby and all the people that she led me to

5 favorite movies:
[x] The Princess Bride
[x] Happiness
[x] Cannible the Musical
[x] American Beauty
[x] Sin City

5 things that make me happy:
[x] Good friends
[x] Music
[x] Being inside on a cold/rainy day with a good book and a hot drink
[x] People who try to change the world
[x] squishy things

5 things that impress me:
[x] Standing up for what you believe in
[x] Admitting you’re wrong
[x] Making your own way in life
[x] Proving everyone wrong
[x] Showing compassion

5 Things that do not impress me:
[x] Stupidity
[x] Willful Ignorance
[x] Money
[x] Power
[x] PCs

5 people I am tagging to do this survey:
[x] Madison
[x] Shannon
[x] Jen
[x] Audrey
[x] Corey

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