being nice

Yesterday I went to the library to check out a comic book. That’s right, here in Bloomington, the County Library carries Graphic Novels.
In fact, it’s the best graphic novel section I’ve seen anywhere. Even the Seattle Library. Even the Chicago Library. Yup.
So I wanted to thank them. And thank them I did, with a lovely comments card.

And speaking of being nice, please check this out:

I myself will be dressed up in cyber-gear on Monday and will hand out candies.

2 thoughts on “being nice


    I LOVE it! I’ve been missing Halloween since I was like, 16. Really missing it. I’m there. Peroid. (okay, hopefully, schedule permitting)

  2. If you ask me, graphic novels are the unsung pop culture media, and very deserving of their own section in a library (public, private or personal). My branch of the Mpls Public Library has the complete collection of the Dark Knight Returns and Sin City.

    Hell. Yes.

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