new hair cut

Will potentially be getting a hair cut via the Lovely Libbyβ„’ (aka carpe_jugulum) around Sunday.

The hair will be staying blue.

However. Black streaks may be involved, or black tipping.

The bangs may simply be trimmed, along with the ends, or something more like


might occur.


god, I’m so bad at styling of any kind that this will be an adventure. Help on that too, please

24 thoughts on “new hair cut

  1. Good christ, that’s gonna be hot. πŸ™‚

    I figure if the longer pieces look silly being of your own hair, I can always pinch braid in some blue synthetic post-cut.

    Thanks for the pictures. Best we stockpile many so I have a reference point.

  2. i liiiiike this.. i am gonna get the back of my hair cut short enough to spike VERY soon.. and hope to dye it bright un-natural red, but that’ll have to wait until after dec. 7th.. the dying anyways..

  3. Never mind the hair, you had me at Libby… damn that girl is cute… and i should have locks on my fingers to keep me from making an ass of myself on LJ…

  4. My money is of course on the original animated version of Aeon’s hair. I do realize that this involves certain bending and breakings of fundemental laws like gravity and the law of eyelash fly catching. But yes, this style should work amazingly well with your delicate facial features. I’m Cristobat E Lentz and I approve this haircut. And hell yes to the staying with blue, in the event that you change, switch with Libby so the red blue dynamic of this town is perserved.

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