The Promised Update

School is good. Of course.

Now if I could just put homework as my top priority…

Here are some things that have been coming in before it:

-A housewarming party. Too many lovely people were there to mention. Even neighbors made an appearance, and people from Logan came down, too! We got a dead mink from Karen, which is now apparently mine because it’s been in my pants. Ben came up with the fabulous idea to name it Pete A. Bwahaha. No one threw up, and no one threw punches. Success, I believe!

-The cat is now de-organized. She is bleary-eyed and woobly on her feet. And her belly is shaved. And she’s apparently fat.

-The whoring has begun. Check out evil_axis. Hopefully it will be terribly sucessful and we can all dance ’til we drop at least once a month.

-Watched an awesome movie and made dinner night before last for Libby, Abi, and Chris. The sauce was questionable, but my ability to charm everyone made everything ok failed horribly in distracting everyone. (Everyone is still alive)

-Website with Libby

Now I think I’ll actually go do what I’m supposed to. I promise I’ll get to visiting with everyone soon. (Sorry about yesterday, Heather)

3 thoughts on “The Promised Update

  1. #1-I am afraid of your dead mink, as you already know by my screaming.

    #2-Your cat is, indeed, a bit on the chubby side. But she still would make beautiful babies with Swiffer…minus the whole de-organization of both of them.

    #3-Now that your cat is an it, would she be a “shit”? Get it…she+it…hahaha, I make jokes!

    #4-I really hope you can continue to throw your fun dancing shindigs at that club so I can partake once I’m able.

    #5-Your hair is delicious.

  2. its times like these that i get jealous of dead minks.
    your party was good stuff. never have i seen so many pretty people in one room. mayhaps next time i can stay longer.

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