So, as stated, the weekend was pretty kick ass.

The concert? I cried. That’s saying a lot. Take a look at how magical this video is, and multiply by at least 10, and that’s only because I don’t want to exaggerate. I would like to profess my love and adoration to every person in the band.

Petra was amazing the entire weekend. I know you can do anything if you put your mind to it, lady.

That evening, we stayed at Becky’s house. It was just like a cast party in High School. P and I had our own little freak corner and everything.
“n00b” pops up on Beck’s computer screen. P, B, and I laugh. The other 9 people in the room look confused. “What’s noob?” one asks.
“It’s a newbie” B replies.
“A newbie?”
“Yeah.” says B
“Oh wow, that totally reminds me. Earlier today I actually heard someone SAY Oh Em Gee. It was funny!”
“OMG h4x!” says Petra
“hacks?” queries a confused gay boy.
“What’s hacks?”
“h4x. Spelled Aitch Four Ex.” says I
“It’s like a… what’s it called?”
“A thing.” says P
“Yes. A thing.”
Which effectively solidified our freak corner

The next day we went shopping in the Belmont area of Chicago. I picked up some fishnets to match my hair, and Petra got some CDs and buttons in Metal Haven. I shit you not, Metal Haven. We did all this with my old friend Martin, who I hadn’t seen in far too long. He is awesome, and cool to boot.

Then Matt met up with us at a Hookah bar and we had a fantastic blend of orange and lemon. The tea was also good. Then we had dinner and headed back to Becky’s. We spent that night at another of Petra’s friend’s houses, by the name of Doug. Awesome kid. I was a spoil-sport and stayed home to read comics (as I had picked up Uncle Sam, Lore, and Angel Stomp Future at Chicago Comics.)

We came home Sunday, and Libby and I had a lovely gathering of people for Crafties. We all got into Heather‘s pants. A good evening, I must say.

And now… Back to work!

Look, everybody, it’s Matt! Everyone’s favorite Balderdash player!

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  1. I had tons of fun with you as well! Please come back and visit soon! BTW, the neighborhood we were shopping in was Lakeview (since Belmont is many many miles long, plus it’ll make you sound like a cool Chicagoan 🙂 …what else…oh! post that pic of me smoking the hookah with the goggles on so I can use it! Thrill Kill Kult March 4th at Double Door!!!

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