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  1. My first response would be “tricky”.
    My second response would be “it’d be full of random movie quotes”.
    My third and final response would be “like glue”.

    And now I’m gonna go eat some spaghetti. 🙂

  2. if hes anything like he is in concert he will do you from behind, you will only see him during the actual act of and you wont see him at any other time including during forplay or any breaks lol

  3. I think the “trick” here would be that he would make YOU strap one on and do HIM from behind while you yell ” Whose the trickey one NOW bitch?”

    I know go back in the corner…

  4. He looks like he’s all about the pumping. Rapid-fire pumping. Except you’re still impressed and dazed even as he’s handing you your shit to get the fuck OUT!

    • In retrospect, now that I check my swatch, maybe I meant “beneath the weeping willow lies a weeping rhino” or “different levels of the Devil’s company”.

      Sorry I keep skipping Axis.

  5. He would probably sit in the corner and croak at you. And be really flemy sounding. You might not ever get around to the physical part. He might just have sex with your mind.

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