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  1. Didn’t you read the intro? He explains it all… if you have the right version of the book.

    You know, there is no Mark Twain either… All his shit is written by some asshole named Beckett.

  2. Aaw! So sweet. If it makes you feel any better, I read the book when I was older (maybe 16?) and I was fooled – I told my friend I wanted the “real” version and her mother heard me, laughed at me, and explained – but in a very mocking way.

    Before that, though, I wrote away for the reunion scene between Buttercup and Westley, but never got anything in the mail – I see on the Wikipedia entry that I was supposed to get at least a joke letter. When I did realize the book was a joke I felt stupid for having sent away in the first place.

    I’m glad to see it wasn’t just me! So cute.

  3. “Exist” is such a loaded word. There a multitude of ways in which Mssr. Morgenstern could be said to “exist”. Certianly the “Author” of the book does not have the legal name: S. Morgenstern, but that’s but a trifle.

  4. Stupid old William Goldman, I’ve been trying to figure out whether or not I hate him for several years now because of this. Cause either I think he’s a lazy jerk, or an awesome story teller. I’m just upset at the ammount of time I spent looking for the original book.

  5. This thread is very intresting because, upon watching TPB again after so long… I recall that the film accuratly captures the change in dynamics between Wesley and Buttercup perfectly.

    When they are parted, they both become hoplessly romantic and pure and chaste and loyal. The moment they are reunited, they begin to bicker and argue like an old couple (take Miracle Max and his witch wife for a model).

    So, personaly… I’m GLAD there hasn’t been a reunion. What better way to spoil a romance than to acctualy get together.

    Writing this, I now realize the profound affect this story has had upon my personal relationships.

    • I was appalled at what a bitch Buttercup was in the book, frankly. Wesley was always there for her, but she assumed he would be as such and was rather flippant about his sacrifices.

      • Yup… it’s an endorcment for porno… rather role play all your kinky pirates and princess fantasies out in the bedroom than watch them rot in the confines of marriage.

      • Bitchy or not, I thought she was hilarious. “Oh Westly, I feel we’re on the verge of something important.” Since I saw the movie first, I couldn’t believe what an idiot she was in the book. Ooh, and while we’re talking about reunion-type scenes, have you read the first chapter of Buttercup’s Baby, in the back of some newer versions? Goldman writes the fist chapter, then leaves Stephen King to “abridge” the rest of this “uncovered sequel” to Morgenstern’s first book. It’s in my copy, if you wanna borrow it.

        • Yes, I certainly did read the first chapter!

          And then lusted for more.

          And then spent some time looking for it before realizing I had other crap that had to get done.

  6. I’m late to the party, I know, but I have to do it.



    “S. Morgenstern doesn’t exist.

    My entire life has been a lie.”


  7. Wow. I never realized either. I would’ve thought that just once one of the rare-book dealers I called when I was a kid would’ve told me “your lookin’ for a hoax, kid.”

    In fact, I think I’m more mad at them than at Goldman for tricking me in the first place.

    What a world.

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