why Jarret makes my days better:

click the image. the original hover-over msg is definately worth it

Also, tonight, RUM AND PIRATES.

Axis is awesome.

9 thoughts on “why Jarret makes my days better:

  1. I am clicking like whoa, and getting nothing.

    I’ve done coordinate substitution strapped to worse.
    (actually, that’s not a HUGE exaggeration…)

  2. whee!

    and hooray pirates. A few weeks ago my mum bought pirates of the caribbean and she drank rum while watching it. The more rum the more vocal she became about depp’s hotness. Fun stuff.

    • It certainly added to the realism when someone would lean over to talk to me and a blast of rum breath would hit me.

      I was a responsible pirate, and drove.

    • Re: Hummmm !


      Glad to know you’re alive (I can never tell, the MySpace is in French and anyone could be writing it! : ) I tease!)

      The pony collection has grown. I should take pictures for you.

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