“So.. looked for any updates to Starcraft lately?”
“You mean like Starcraft 2 that they’ve been promising forEVER but instead keep updating fucking WoW? No. It’s not out yet. Dirty fuckers.”
“No, I meant like voice packs and stuff. Bitter?”
“No, not really. Ok, yes.”

7 thoughts on “bitterness

  1. Yeah. Dirty fuckers, mos def.

    Did I ever send you the link to the WoW mod someone did that made it into Starcraft? As in, 3-D Starcraft?
    Lemme see if I can find that.

    Also, re:internets. Miss you, but understand completely. You’re busy. As am I. Emails shall continue. Soon, I will be out.

  2. I got banned from WoW! Best thing to ever happen to me. But I’m pretty even keel with my sci-fi/fantasy balance these days.

    Give me swords and jetpacks in the same breath. I can take it!

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