I need flow-charts to keep up with the conversation that people at the Spoon have. Whoa boy.

Apparently soy beans are causing everyone to be more feminine. And I thought it was plastics. Heh.

12 thoughts on “Spoon

    • It is especially funny that the title translates to “I am Homosexual.”

      And his comment about obesity is actually testable… soy in general limits your ability to digest and utilize nutrients, so it becomes either waste that leaves the body or stays in it. You don’t have as much energy to burn off the waste, and so it’s possible to become obese. One factor of many, yes.

  1. Hmmm… Soy, huh? We are fucked! Another Illuminati plot to be ass raped by. Although soon we will all have vaginas so I guess the standard rape is in order then.

  2. i realized that when i became a vegan and suddenly gained another cup size in my bra. i’m a vegetarian now because as much as i love animals, i don’t really want to have surgery to remove the indentations from straps digging into my shoulders.

  3. If I thought soy beans could cause everyone to be more feminine, I’d be out there every night, skulking under cover of darkness and dumping gallons of shoyu into every reservoir I can reach.

  4. feminizing (is that even a word?), yes. Sexual preference? No way.

    When will people realize sex, gender, and sexual preference are all mutually exclusive?

    And while the estrogen effects are found in some studies, do they know what it’s like to eat 5 birth control pills in one day? Have you ever accidentally taken 2? It fucks your shit up, and I’m a girl!

  5. see, i thought that it was birth control because they can’t separate the progesterone from water no matter how hard they try or something

    all i know is that i gotta check i.d. when i go to the mall anymore.

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