Retail Therapy (TM by Libby)

I hate shopping.

Therefore, a poll.

Would you recommend the shrug or the dress? They’re about the same amount of money.



Thank you. I’m so bad at retail therapy. Maybe I should just get both.

22 thoughts on “Retail Therapy (TM by Libby)

  1. While the dress looks flippin’ hot…the shrug has its own aesthetic appeal, AND (what tipped it for me) what appear to be useful/functional bits.

    Also, where did you find these, and do they have a men’s line? Just curious.

  2. I’m GREAT at retail therapy. But my bank account says I’m bad at it. I say both. The shrug looks more practical, but hello! Retail therapy isn’t SUPPOSED to be functional.

    (Also, I really, REALLY need your icon.)

  3. i voted both, but if i had to choose. Shrug.
    i think you would look amazing in it.

    (well, you’d be amazing in both but hey, i’m choosing here!)

    • Seriously. I voted for the shrug entirely because of the awesome hood. I’m now off to that web site to see if they perchance sell hats like that. Happy buying! 😀

      • hehe, I don’t think I want to get involved as an accessory to kidnapping. 😉

        However, you can find other pictures of her here, and she has a MySpace page there.

        She was a good friend of mine when I used to be an IRC junkie. 😛

  4. *shrug* But because of a diffrent heat issue. Hon, you’d freeze to death in that dress. Now… of course… in about 3 months… the dress wins out.

  5. Amusingly, I saw both of those during internet wanderings at work and thought of you. Both of them are great, but the shrug is probably more unique. If I had my way you would of course get both, because all my pretty friends need more shiny things for me to look at. Dress-up makes me smile. But I think the shrug is more You. I know *I* couldn’t pull that one off…

  6. Hi, my name is Libby, and I’m a bad influence.
    Both, duh. Maybe you can even wear ’em together!

    And I really think you can rock white + black trim on the PVC dress–don’t worry about it so much.

  7. I voted both and you would look good in both.

    I did little therapy myself and ended up spending way to much money but it was fun.

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