EDIT : H+ Gathering

Hello all,

Let’s shoot for the 18th 25th of May (6:30 maybe?) for our first gathering. Ideas on where (I’m ok with Spoon) and what to talk about initially? Please invite whoever you’d like to.


13 thoughts on “EDIT : H+ Gathering

  1. Liz and I can’t attend. 🙁 We’ll still be in Britain.

    But, yes, maybe we can get together some time after we get back. (May 21)

  2. i will attend, and i will bring the tao with me, so that the all-that-is may experience the meeting as well, which would be impossible, were my will not invoked. the metamathmatical proof for this is simpler than you’d think, and not listed here.

    • You know what you can do with your “proof is left as an exercise to the student”?

      Also, if the tao is going to be there, it will be as the rustling of the pages (or perhaps of all that is not-pages) of a Hofstadter book on the shelf of the Spoon.

      But only as your mind (or perhaps mine) perceives it.

      Or maybe tao is in the koi pond.

  3. Yeah, I can make it that wednesday. (Though wednesday nights are the new Mutiny night up here in indy, which I do so love. But I can miss the occasional one.)

    I look forward to meeting you all!

  4. I’m down for the 25th. As for topics, we might want to start with working out definitions for the most common words that we’ll be encountering in future gatherings. Nothing kills a conversation quite like realizing that everyone’s talking about something different.

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