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So that meal I was telling you about, with the trying to make pasta… that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that it called for like 1/4 cup chopped basil for the sauce. Which means there was WAY too much.

So David played with his food. (Yes, that’s a horse-like object with a trough-like object and what appears to be a pile of poo)

Seamus then showed me how to fit 13 to 15 wine glasses on one hand.

I can do the same thing! Because we rock!

Met the infamous Nathan

He has a gorgeous guitar.

We went to see Gene Loves Jezebel.

They kind of sucked, honestly.

Seamus, Anita, Mark, Matt, CT, some random girl, and I played Apples to Apples.

Hardest decision of my life. That’s sexy with the choices funerals, a morgue, and baby showers. I mean, no one’s going to get pregnant, right?

Another reason I love these people:

We made the bed with Seamus in it. Anita proceeds to hump and sing. Like ya do.

Wine was tasted : that’s 9 types of California reds for 12 people total. That’s a lot of effing pouring.

In other news. Tuesday it was raining, which always makes me long for a good Gwertz. I picked Libby up from work and we decided that Drinking was in order. I’ve been working on my bloody thesis for god knows how long, not seeing much of anyone, and certainly not nearly enough of Red.

She drank hers from a straw.

I drank mine from the bottle.

DISCLAIMER: Actually most of mine was out of a glass. I’m not a heathen, you know. I’ll let Libby speak for herself. ; )

We wrecked cars.

Rainbows were sited.

2 hours and much gushing later, Chris and Chess came over. More gushing occurred. No more drinking for awhile.

And Matt found this and sent it to me. It makes me happy. Very very happy. As does the rest of the comic. Thank you, Matt!

That’s it for now, I guess.

Been working out, so I feel awesome about my body again. Before someone tells me how skinny I am, let me tell you one thing: being scrawny does not make you fit. I couldn’t care less about body weight, it’s my ability to navigate my environment.

Also, the thesis pwnage. I hope to see people again when it’s finished.

10 thoughts on “image heavy

  1. this thesis thing.
    i just sent mine to EA this morning for my FINAL set of comments. then, im turnin’ it in.
    ive made my own due date: april 13th-no ifs, ands, or buts. i want this thing out of my hands.

    however, i enjoy seeing you, when we actually have class.

    good luck, kiddo.

  2. The glass “rack” rocks..but there’s room enough for two more. hehe

    I Love the dudes guitar. I just bought an Ibanez Bass for my sister.

    was the coffee at least good in the cartoon?

    Will and Libb…….A glass works just as well.

    Toon in next week to find out.

  3. I must love you a lot because I let you post drunken straw+wine+PJs+specs pics of me.

    Well, I DO. 😀

    Drinking to excess was fun, and I think I only mentioned Dostoyevsky once. So all in all, a fantastic endeavor.

    *does the emo quicksand sign language*

  4. Man, that GLJ show was an embarrassment, wasn’t it? We ought to have just stayed in the bar and talked.

    I love drunk pics! I’ll never believe that rot about you drinking from a glass. If you’re not a heathen then the world is flawed.

  5. When you say “no more drinking for awhile,” I’m sure you were thinking “except for that tequila date with James,” right? Just double-checking. 😉

    So glad to hear you happy and AWESOME.

  6. Looks like good times.

    The picture of the wine drinking through a straw Libby is very amusing for me, because when I used to go to Kilroy’s Sports when my bartender friend worked there I commented if beer prices got any higher. I would start buying pitchers of it and start drinking it through a straw.

    Also there is nothing wrong with drinking wine from the bottle, it saves you trouble of having to find the wine glasses >;)

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