I’m 12

So admittedly my phone is pretty neat. It keeps my hectic schedule in order, I can put tasks on it, it lays out texts like chat logs, etc etc etc. I have even been known to use the phone function on occasion. But all of these amazingly useful and interesting things (including Tetris) pale in comparison to the function I discovered today.

The cat is now bigger than the bag her food comes in. A helpful arrow will guide you to her though, just in case.

Rex and I are Treo buddies, so I drew on him (it’s funnier because he DOES have a moustache and glasses already).

His response. I think his hearts are lacking.
Also, notice the squinty eyes in response to this assumption, along with the still swollen cheeks from when I had my wisdom teeth taken out

It’s like the GameBoy camera, but even better!

5 thoughts on “I’m 12

  1. PS – yes, I know I could do better than this with Paint, for the love of god, but IT’S ON MY PHONE. Endless entertainment!

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    Sometimes I have some challenging ideas, or crazy like some other people would say. This time I thought about our cat who is the whole day out, returning sometimes hungry sometimes not, sometimes with traces of fights, sometimes he stay also the night out.
    When he finally returns, I wonder where he was and what he did during his day. This brought me to the idea to equip the cat with a camera. The plan was to put a little camera around his neck which takes every few minutes a picture. After he is returning, the camera would show his day. First I thought about transmitting live pictures from a remote RF camera, but the equipment is too expensive and battery consumption is too high.

    cat pics

  3. which treo do you have? are you on sprint er somefin?


    i’m so sad i missed when you were here 🙁
    even NICK got to at least get a GLANCE OF THE WILLOW DOOM. whilst pammy did not.

    *cling love*


  4. MY HEARTS ARE NOT LACKING! Blame it on the “toothpaste” then. Fine. Whatevah! heh

    p.s. I may get an iPhone after all. I know… I’m such a turncoat.

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