20 thoughts on “You Decide!

  1. Already covered it, but I answered your survey in the interest of completeness.

    And you KNOW how stupidly oversexed I’ve been in the past year! You’re right, this is a HORRIFYING question!

  2. Strong fondness for both notwithstanding, I know how long I can go without either.

    I’m with the majority on this one (has anyone really dissented?); two great tastes that taste great together. =D

    • That was my big problem when deciding. Give up a source of communication with long distance friends, learning, entertainment, etc., or SEX.

      It was a fucking hard choice (no pun intended), but I think my need for knowledge overwhelms my need for sex.

      Cuz I can go days, weeks, months without sex, but god forbid I go more than 45 minutes without the internet

    • Can’t help it, man. Think of how many more cool people I see on the internets than have sex with! The internet is the only thing that really and truly makes this time a better time to live in than any other, in my opinion. Otherwise, the benefits of any given time balance its flaws. And there has always been sex. But there has NOT always been internets.

      Though, as Matt expressed above, I know how long I can go without both. And the answer is not encouraging in terms of nonexplodey were I actually forced to make this choice.

  3. I’m going to have to go with sex, thanks.
    I’m surprised I had to think about it though.

    … wait.. do I have unread emails in my inbox?

  4. Y’know. I said sex a couple hours ago, but it occurs to me that if there were no interbutts I’d never have had sex after highschool, and I would never have met my girlfriend from Virginia.

    On the other hand.. 4chan did give me the AIDS.

    I think I need to change my answer to the second question.

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